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SENSES  |  Catalogue

Slow down. Observe. Feel. Think.

SENSES Catalogue Volume 1

SENSES is an exhibition project created as part of desARTification, a story that has its origin in a sacred place, the Desert. Silent vibrant tales of distant dunes that have travelled just like magical postcards in order to tell us the stories and legends about the forgotten secrets of life. SENSES, written by light and shades, sand and wind, a delicate narrative about the pure, precious and divine Beauty of Mother Nature. 

SENSES. Slow Down. Observe. Feel. Think. (Volume I), with Nik Barte’s photographs and texts written by Svetlana Grnčaroska is envisioned as a practical tool for galleries, collectors, museums, art foundations and institutions as well as a kind companion for all the desARTification followers and art lovers in general.

SENSES Catalogue Volume 1 - cover

SENSES Catalogue Volume 1
Slow Down. Observe. Feel. Think.

by Nik Barte, Svetlana Grnčaroska

Fine Art Photography
Arts & Photography Books
Small Square, 7×7 in, 17×17 cm
# of Pages: 60 - Softcover
ISBN: 9781715135461
Publish Date: Jun 30, 2020
Language: English
Keywords: desartification, photography, fineart

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