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SENSES  |  Exhibition Project

Slow down. Observe. Feel. Think.

  • Title:  
    SENSES  |  Slow down. Observe. Feel. Think.
  • Artist:
    Nik Barte
  • Curator:
    Svetlana Grnčaroska


Silent vibrant tales of distant dunes that have travelled just like magical postcards - SENSES, an exhibition project composed of stories and legends about the forgotten secrets of life, a gentle intent to evoke the original emotional memory and genuine thoughts upon the true significance of being alive.

Sadly, these are tales of our own ignorance, negligence and superficiality, these are residual sentiments of the destruction inflicted upon the environment by our species. “What happened to our senses?” - the same senses we do not even remember to listen to, to acknowledge, to respect! This imagery is our ultimate gentle reminder, which is asking us to slow down, to observe carefully, silently, to thoroughly feel and then, to reconsider, to truly comprehend.  

SENSES is part of the desARTification project, a story that has its origin in a sacred place, the Desert. As well as in ESSENTIA, the presence of almost alchemical language can be felt, syntactic structures made of spirit and sand, light and shadows, mixed carefully with tremendous extent of unconditional love and purity of the soul. These are ancient letters, authentic archaic drawings from the past. These are secrets that we have apparently forgotten, but the truth is that we never stopped carrying them somewhere deep inside our souls, as a mark of our destiny, as fragments of our DNA. This is the codex of our existence. This is the Essence of Life.

SENSES is an exhibition originally designed to be displayed in locations less ordinary, such as venues out of the box or spaces with evocative aesthetic or function, where attention to the awakening of the senses represents a dominant value. The format is smaller (11, 22, 33, … photographs) than the one of ESSENTIA, since this is a capsule collection, a tender reminiscence to be shared. 

SENSES is a sincere, pure and very direct narrative, which simultaneously represents an intense iconography of Mother Earth, a topography of our feelings and above all, an authentic manifesto of the Beauty as an instrument of Good. No violent scenes of the environmental disasters. No brutal wounds on the Earth surface. Just Beauty, written by light and shades, sand and wind. Pure, precious and divine Beauty. 



SENSES Catalogues Volume 1 and Volume 2

Discover the silent vibrant tales of distant dunes between the pages of the SENSES Exhibition catalogues. Let them whisper to your soul. These magical postcards have travelled all the way from the desert of Sahara, bringing with them the secret meaning of being alive.

Browse online the SENSES Exhibition catalogues:
Volume 1   -   Volume 2,
or get your own printed copy:  Volume 1  -  Volume 2.

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