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The other side of the Journey.

Nik Barte is the photographer that speaks the language of the desert. 

Since 2003, he regularly undertakes intensive work expeditions in different parts of the desert of Sahara. There, between the sky and the dunes, where “everything” and “nothing” seem to be just about the same, the most important part of his photographic studies took place.

By faithfully listening to the desert, he found his true journey, both personal and artistic. Great Sand Sea, White Desert, Black Desert, Qattara Depression, Karafish Desert, Gilf el Kebir Desert, Wan Kasa, Erg Murzuq, Abu Muharrik, Erg Chegaga, Erg Ezzahar, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Smar are some of the areas where, due to research, he stayed in a total solitude for different periods of time, several days to several weeks and sometimes for an entire month. In those sacred places the story of desARTification has been born. 

This is a glimpse behind the story of desARTification. 

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